TMDF Skydive 2024

Brave the 125mph plummet from a dizzying 15,000ft, and raise funds for Northamptonshire people in need!

2 stars

Experience the heart-pounding TMD Foundation (TMDF) Skydive—a thrilling tandem freefall at a jaw-dropping 125mph from an astounding 15,000 feet. Join us for this extraordinary achievement, all while securely harnessed to a professionally trained skydiving expert. It’s not just a personal triumph; it’s a remarkable way to generate awareness and funds for our charitable cause. Are you ready to make the tandem jump and make a significant impact?


When: 2024

Where: Hinton Skydive Centre, Hinton Airfield, Steane, Brackley NN13 5NS Northamptonshire, UK

Fundraising Target per Person: £460 minimum

Difficulty: 2 Stars

Training Required: Low

Weight Limit: 15 Stone

Other important information: You will need to be of at least reasonable fitness, and be able to lift your legs to waist height, for landing.

What you’ll get from us: A TMDF T-Shirt to wear during the skydive, as well as support setting up a JustGiving page, and answers to any other questions you may have!

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